Digital Infrastructure

5 Days WordPress Sprint

7 Modules 2 Chapters 22 Lessons Intermediate

WordPress runs almost 35% of the world’s websites.

WordPress is not a tool that will vanish in the air leaving your website crushed in the middle. And it doesn’t put your content hostage if you want to change your host.

This program is designed for busy solopreneurs, coaches, and trainers who are fed up paying for overpriced website builders and want to build their empire on WordPress.

This course reveals how to build a personal brand website on WordPress that brings leads and let you sell your online courses and coaching directly from your website.

Example site: (my own site)

Course Structure

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Optional Bonus Training 1 Lesson

How to Reset Your WordPress Website

This is an optional bonus training that shows you a simple process to reset your existing WordPress website.

This can be useful in the following case

  1. When you previously had a developer but now you are building it on your own.
  2. When you messed up your website design and you want to start everything from the beginning.


only available after purchase
1 Lesson

(Bonus 2) Sales Video/Webinar Template

People have paid $79 for this template in the past. You have got this for free with WordPress Sprint. 

Use it to create highly professional sales videos and webinars without getting overwhelmed.

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