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Micro Consulting Framework

This program will give you a proven and simple 6-step gameplan to turn a stranger into your paying client for your Micro Consulting Business.

Inside, you will also find a powerful formula to become instantly effective in your communication as a consultant.

5 Days WordPress Sprint

WordPress runs almost 35% of the world's websites.

WordPress is not a tool that will vanish in the air leaving your website crushed in the middle. And it doesn't put your content hostage if you want to change your host.

This program is designed for busy solopreneurs, coaches, and trainers who are fed up paying for overpriced website builders and want to build their empire on WordPress.

This course reveals how to build a personal brand website on WordPress that brings leads and let you sell your online courses and coaching directly from your website.

Example site: (my own site)

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Facebook Advertising Made Easy

The secret of Facebook Ads is in " Remarketing ".

Have you ever felt confused and lost while running Facebook ads...

You are not alone.

A shocking study reveals, 80% of advertisers on Facebook lose money.

Can you imagine how much it is?

The truth is... Most people don't know what they are doing? There is no clear guidance.

Therefore, I have launched this program. To help people like me who no longer want to keep guessing. For those who have wasted tonnes over greedy gurus and now ready to learn what works.

This course will help you learn Facebook Ads so you don't have to feel afraid and lost.

Inside this program... you will discover

  • Facebook sales funnel to turn strangers into customers without trying to sell hard.
  • How to set up Facebook pixel (phew... tech stuff, I know. But this will help you re-target your visitors)
  • Facebook re-targeting the peaceful way (just like companies like Amazon and Alibaba do)
  • How to create a custom audience on Facebook according to their activities on your website.
  • How to set up your first ad campaign
  • How to analyze your Facebook Ads data.

Warning! This is a No Bullshit Course.

That means I will directly get on the point, and if you follow everything correctly, you will run ads with more confidence. You will never have to feel like "guessing" while running ads.

However, this course is not for those who need a quick fix. Or for those who are trying to find shortcuts for success. You must be willing to act upon the information. 

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Digital Lifestyle Mastermind - LIVE Recordings

Find all of our recorded mastermind calls.

We cover funnels, traffic, money, investment, mindset, and a lot of unsexy way of building an online business that works ;)

10 Days Content Challenge

10  days challenge to learn the most important skill of Internet marketing.

Content Creation and Monetization

Read the complete letter here


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How to Turn Your Skills and Passion into a Digital Lifestyle Business

Do you have a skill that you feel people can pay money for?

or you have a passion you want to monetize so you can build a business that you can run from anywhere in the world.

This course exactly teaches you the step-by-step gameplan to turn your skills and passion into a successful online business...

... without selling your soul.

How to Create a Blog that Makes Money - Premium Masterclass

This is a complete "unedited" workshop I did with my premium tribe.

It's a value-packed program to help you start a new stream of income with your own blog.

This concept that you will learn here is NOT KNOWN to 95% bloggers out there so have a diary, pen and paper to take notes and learn from the beginning.

All resources I have mentioned in the workshop are given below the training video.

Webinar Domination Challenge

Step by step to build your own webinar funnel and sell your products and services with the help of LIVE and automated webinars.

Time to Complete (with Implementation) : 30 days

Type : Outcome-based

Who is this for:  Trainers, Experts Healers and Coaches who want to leverage Weekly Webinar Domination Model to scale their business faster

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